Tailoring Courses To Meet Specific Needs
'One Size Cannot Fit All'

While Spearhead is well known for our ‘flagship’ Public Courses, the largest part of Spearhead’s business is actually delivering tailored In-Company courses, specifically designed for our customers. We realise that you sometimes cannot always deliver courses where "one size is thought to fit all". In today’s fast moving global economy that is not a realistic scenario.We know that many organizations require training that specifically fits their corporate culture, and which must be utilised to achieve their own targeted business objectives.

'The Spearhead ‘Partnership Process'

There are specific advantages associated with In-Company training which makes it a preferred option for many clients. We call it the ‘Partnership Process’.

An organization that develops customised training for its people, in line with clear business objectives, is much more likely to see its overall profitability increase as a result.

For example, the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice, objectives, and experiences of your company. The training is seen as wholly appropriate and highly relevant to meeting the business needs of the organization.

Any Public Course on this website can be tailored and adapted exclusively for your organization. Alternatively, you may want a course to be developed that is specifically written for your staff’s particular needs and requirements. Fully tailored courses ensure that the material is appropriate, and makes the best use of the training time. This can mean savings in both time and money.

In-Company training is also the natural choice where the training need is likely to be specific e.g. when particular emphasis needs to be given in one key area of knowledge, or behaviour e.g. sales training for a sales team, improving customer service within a service team, or learning how to conduct effective appraisals for managers / supervisors within a company.

Post-Course Coaching (The ‘DEVELOPER’ Coaching Model)

When an In-Company course is delivered, research has shown that an internal management structure that encourages post-course coaching of the delegate by a manager, has made a very substantial positive impact on improving the delegate's performance in the workplace.

With this in mind, Spearhead has created The ‘DEVELOPER’ Coaching Model. Our Business Development Managers would be happy to discuss this programme with you.

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