Institute Of Leadership & Management

ILM is the UK’s leading body for management and leadership qualifications, setting the standard for industry-recognised, accredited leadership and management qualifications.

Spearhead Training has been an approved ILM Centre since 2012. If you are looking for professional, certified recognition for your staff, we can provide it through ILM courses, both Public and In-Company.

Delegate numbers are strictly limited to twelve to ensure consistent success on these programmes. However, on the Train The Trainer programme the delegate numbers are strictly limited to eight. This is to ensure delegates achieve maximum benefit, through targeted training, close follow-up, and effective monitoring.

There are two types of ILM awards Spearhead can offer – ‘Endorsed’ Courses or ‘Approved’ Programmes.

Details of the available ILM programmes are listed below:

ILM provider

Endorsed Courses

In 2016, we are offering the following ILM 'Endorsed Courses' as Public and In-Company

What is an ILM 'Endorsed' Course?

An ‘Endorsed’ course is one which Spearhead has developed and is 'endorsed' by ILM. ILM recognises the programme content, aims, objectives, learning outcomes and assessment, of each course. The assessment is crucial to measuring and embedding management and leadership learning. It is work-based learning, and enables managers to apply their knowledge, skills and awareness to a real-life workplace challenge. This way of assessing their development brings tangible benefits for both employees and employers.

Completion of the full Endorsed Course, combined with passing a written assessment at the end of the course, will result in gaining a certificate, endorsed by ILM.

Our 2016 pass rate for ILM Endorsed Courses is 97%.

ILM provider

Approved Programmes

Offered In-Company Only

  • ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management
  • ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management

What is an 'Approved' Programme?

ILM Approved Programmes can be delivered 'In-Company' by Spearhead, as modular courses. The difference between an 'Award' and the 'Certificate' is how in-depth the qualification is, and how long it will take to complete.

  • The 'Award' is the shortest and most concise qualification. The minimum Credits required to complete an Award is 4. The maximum is 12.
  • The 'Certificate' provides a very broad base of knowledge and skills. The minimum Credits required to complete a Certificate is 13.

The process of gaining the qualification is managed by a Spearhead Trainer, who is also an approved ILM Assessor. Each unit concludes with a written, work-based assignment, consisting of approximately 1,500 words.

Our aim is to support and develop your leaders and managers to substantially improve their own individual performance, leading to a more positive impact on your overall business performance.

Our pass rate, from 2012 to date, on the ILM In-Company Approved Programmes is 95%*.

*(as of December 2016)

For further details of the Endorsed Courses and Approved Programmes, please contact our Business Development Team in the relevant Spearhead office, or email us at

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