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The Spearhead Training Group is a market leader in the UK and Europe. Established in 1981, it has grown into one of the largest independent management training companies in the UK. With over 25,000 client companies, and having trained over 650,000 delegates worldwide since the company was set-up, the Spearhead Training Group enjoys a prestigious reputation as one of Europe's most innovative top quality training organizations.

David Stone, one of the two founders of Spearhead, and current Managing Director of The Spearhead Training Group, UK has this to say about training:

"There is absolutely no substitute for participative learning in small groups, taught by a professional in the subject."

"Our business skills training courses have been carefully selected to meet the most important skills required for success in the modern day business environment."

"Our belief is that no matter how talented a person is, or how well the job is being done, there is always the opportunity to improve. Your people are important and deserve top quality effective training. That is what the Spearhead Training Group is committed to deliver."

"It is what has guided us over the past 35 years."

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