Why Use Spearhead Training For Your Public Courses?

Twenty Reasons... To Improve Your Business Performance!

1. There is a maximum limit of 12 delegates on our public courses. In the case of the following courses – Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, Train The Trainer, and Microsoft® Office – the limit is just eight delegates. On these courses delegates need to practise the skills taught, so the small group size of eight allows maximum practical time for each delegate to do this. The standard limit of 12 on other courses ensures individual attention for each delegate from the Trainer. It also allows greater interaction and participation from every participant, thereby ensuring more effective learning takes place.

2. We have been established in the Middle East for more than 19 years, and in the UK for over 35 years. All courses run here are tailored for the Middle East market, using many case studies from the region.

3. In 2016, Spearhead’s training courses have achieved 98+% 'Excellent' or 'Very Good'** for the Method of Instruction and the Overall Assessment of the course.

(**These ratings are marginally higher than previous years)

(Delegates can choose from five ratings: ‘Excellent’; ‘Very Good’; ‘Good’; ‘Fairly Good’; or ‘Unsatisfactory’)

4. Our Trainers have been carefully chosen for their ability to deliver top quality training in the training room, and for being able to 'walk the talk' in front of delegates. We always look for Trainers with extensive 'hands on experience' in the fields in which they are going to train.

5. All Trainers delivering our public courses work exclusively for Spearhead Training. We do not employ freelance trainers. All our Trainers have to work to very high professional standards laid down by Spearhead in a comprehensive Trainer Manual.

6. All Trainers are bound by strict professional codes of conduct to which Spearhead subscribes, including those of the following UK professional bodies:
• The Institute Of Management Consultants
• The Institute Of Directors
• The Chartered Institute Of Marketing

7. We currently employ over 22 specialist trainers from the following countries – UK, Ireland, Canada, U.S.A., South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, New Zealand, Syria, and India. Where appropriate, we are constantly updating our materials with the latest information from Europe, the U.S.A., Australia, and Asia. This ensures we are always at the leading edge of change and innovation - but at the same time we continue to focus on the very unique aspects of the Middle East market.

8. We have operations in four regions – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Northern Emirates, and Qatar, with further expansion planned over the coming years. Therefore, if you require your staff to be trained across the region we can assist with local training requirements.

9. We have worked with over 3,390 (three thousand three hundred ninety) companies and organizations in the region, and over 25,500 worldwide. Our 3,390+ regional client base includes small, medium-sized and multinational companies. All clients, irrespective of size, receive the same personalised attention from our dedicated Business Development and Customer Service teams.

10. Client confidentiality is a very important part of our service. Our client list is never circulated, or given to anyone outside of Spearhead. While it may be shown by our staff in face-to-face meetings it is never left with any person, nor is the type of training conducted for any company revealed to any third party. The alphabetical list of over 3,390 (three thousand three hundred ninety) clients is only shown to potential clients to show the scope of our client portfolio.


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