In-Company Partnership Steps Explained

To design an In-Company course will require a number of steps to be taken - to develop a ‘partnership’ with a client company.

Step 1: An initial discussion is held with our Business Development staff to clearly understand and identify the potential requirements.

Step 2: A meeting with the proposed Trainer(s), is held to familiarise them with the client company and its objectives.

Step 3: Diagnostic work is carried out by the Trainer(s).

Step 4: Tailoring and development of the course is carried out, to fully match the specific requirements that have been identified.

Step 5: Agreement and finalisation of the course content is confirmed with the client.

Step 6: Delivery of the course.

Step 7: Detailed follow-up report on the course from the Trainer(s).

Step 8: Review.

Step 9: Further cooperation and consultation to ensure the training is being implemented (including using The ‘DEVELOPER’ Coaching Model).

Many review methods, techniques and processes, including coaching, can be used after the training to ensure it is being implemented. We work with you to use the correct tools that are appropriate to the situation.

Often the feedback from review meetings, and discussion of the post-training report, helps to focus management on the future direction of training requirements. This can produce the best results for the company, as it means any new training is specifically targeted and focused in the right areas. This ensures that any training budget is used cost effectively, with the best ROI (Return On Investment) for the client company / organization.

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