Dania Bahar
Dania Bahar

Dania Bahar

B.A. International Relations
Senior Management Associate, Spearhead Training, UAE

Dania is a US national, who moved to the UAE in 2003. She received her B.A. in International Relations from Pepperdine University, California, in 1993. A keen writer, she completed her thesis on Intercultural Communication, and continued to expand her knowledge on this subject, through extensive travel. Her multicultural experiences have enabled her to understand the different impacts of corporate communication on global workforces, and the specific effect they can have on the success of an organization.

Dania also understands the importance of good customer service throughout all levels of an organization. Her work as a front-line travel operative in Los Angeles helped shape her attitude towards high levels of customer service. Her U.S.A. experience enhanced her customer-focused approach, which has always been one of her top priorities in her professional career. Dania is passionate about, not only receiving good customer service, but ensuring that others gain the skills needed to achieve this very important competency.

Dania began her training career in 2004, as Training Manager for Puig Middle East, a luxury fragrance company. She successfully managed and trained a team of over 50 consultants based throughout the MENA region. The focus of the training was on top-class customer service, sales, communication and self-motivation. Her interpersonal skills, and her ability to understand the needs of a culturally diverse environment, helped in making this role an outstanding success.

In 2008, Dania accepted the role of Training Specialist at OSN, (Orbit Showtime Network), a leading TV network in the Middle East and North Africa. During her period with OSN, the company experienced a merger, and a change in CEO. These challenges provided her with the opportunity to demonstrate her abilities, by implementing a company-wide ‘change management strategy’. Dania successfully created and designed in-house training programmes that were tailor-made for the network, and which met the specific needs of the delegates and the organization.

Dania has excellent planning and communication skills, demonstrated by her clear and structured training methodology. Her Lebanese heritage has given her the advantage of understanding the Arabic culture first-hand and the ability to communicate in Arabic.

Dania joined Spearhead Training in 2012 as a Senior Management Associate.

Dania’s key areas of expertise include:

Management & Leadership
>Strategic Thinking & Planning
>Managing Organizational Change
>Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
>Planning & Organizing Skills

HR Management & Training
>Interviewing Skills - For Recruitment & Selection
>Train The Trainer - Group Training Techniques

Customer Service
>Customer Relationship Management
>Etiquette For Excellent Customer Service
>Improve Your Telephone Skills - 'How To Win & Keep Customers'
>Customer Care & Telephone Skills

Personal Development
>Self & Time Management
>Stress Management
>Developing Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
>Assertiveness Skills (& Dealing With Difficult Situations)
>Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette Workshop

Business Writing Courses
>Writing For Business - Module 1
>Effective Business Report Writing - How To Structure A Report For Maximum Effect
>Taking Minutes Of Meetings

Additional Courses (In-Company Only)
>Be A Better Listener - Active Listening Skills
>Brilliant Body Language
>Business English Foundation Course
>Managing Diversity
>Business Etiquette & Protocol
>Enhancing Call Centre Efficiency

Last Updated: 29/02/2016

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