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Perla Swanepoel

B.A. (Hons), Certified Financial Planner, N4/N5 Diploma in Office Management
Senior Management Associate, Spearhead Training, Qatar

Perla is a South African national, with over 11 years’ corporate experience, seven years of which was as a training and development consultant in a number of industries, including insurance, investments and financial planning, corporate communications, and various soft skills disciplines. She has worked across three continents – Europe, Africa and the Middle East – and has lived in Qatar since 2012.

In 2003, Perla received her B.A. degree (Media Studies / Journalism) from the University of the Free State (UFS), Bloemfontein, South Africa. She then continued her studies and successfully achieved a post-graduate qualification in Corporate Communication (2004). Whilst completing her post-graduate work, Perla held a position as a newspaper journalist, specialising in national news and current events. In 2004, Perla travelled to the UK, where she took up a post as a Contracts Relations Manager in the medical sector. She headed a team whose objective was to reduce waiting times within the NHS (National Health Service) system. Part of this work involved outsourcing by means of competitive tenders. In 2009, wishing to return to South Africa, she relocated back to Pretoria, where she took up a position in the Insurance and Investment Industry in the Training and Marketing division. The company she worked for was the largest private healthcare and insurance provider in South Africa. Her training focus was on continuous development of the workforce, and top quality product training, in order to maintain competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In 2012, following her move to Qatar with her husband, her passion for training and development initially led her to a Language Centre in Doha, where she taught Business English, Conversation Classes – to improve business skills, as well as English Level 1, (Beginner Level), up to Level 10 (University Level Equivalent).

Having familiarised herself with the market, and wishing to move back into corporate training, Perla took up a position in training and development with a local company in 2013. In this role, she was involved in corporate training in various soft skills courses in Qatar, where she developed and designed courses for her clients’ exact specifications. This included a number of clients in the oil and gas sectors.

Perla always exudes enthusiasm and professionalism in the training room. She truly enjoys working with multicultural and diverse communities. She always makes time to gain as much knowledge as possible with regard to the different delegates, believing this is where true inspiration and change can be made. She firmly embraces the fact that even small changes, and commitments in the training room can lead to a larger opportunity for growth. Perla believes passionately that a learning environment, based on respect and curiosity, is crucial to the successful implementation of learning.

Perla joined Spearhead as a Senior Management Associate in 2015. Her key areas of expertise include:

    Management and Leadership Training Courses

    HR Management & Training

    Customer Service Training Courses

    Administrative Skills Training Courses

    Sales & Marketing Training Courses

    Personal Development Training Courses

    Business Writing Training Courses

    Finance Training Courses

    Additional Courses (In-Company Only)
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