Taking Minutes Of Meetings
كيفية تسجيل محاضر الإجتماعات

‘Learn To Produce Concise, Well-Written And Complete Minutes That Get The Message Across – With Clarity, Consistency, And Credibility’

'تعلم كتابة محاضر الإجتماعات بطريقة كاملة لنقل الرسالة

Duration: 1 day
Brochure Price: AED 2,150/- + VAT
Online Price: AED 2,043/- + VAT
Who Should Attend? 

All staff responsible for preparing minutes as part of their job. Concise, well-written minutes can be a valuable tool to help management make clear decisions that meet their business objectives. They are also an accurate record of all meetings, and essential for the fast-moving business world in which we work.

About The Programme

This one-day programme is the ideal way to learn the skills of how to write clear and accurate minutes. ‘Action Minutes’ summarise the key issues that appeared on the agenda, and state clearly what was actually decided. They identify the responsibilities of each person for future action and the required timescale.

Course Objectives
  • To learn the importance of using proper agendas
  • To examine templates of minutes which can be used in your own organization
  • To improve the use of reported speech in minutes
  • To develop fast note-taking skills
  • To write clear and accurate minutes
  • To learn the technique of writing ‘Action Minutes’

What You Will Gain
  • The ability to present well-drafted minutes that are a concise, accurate, record of decisions taken
  • Your organization will save time, as staff will be able to quickly absorb and understand the information provided, without missing any vital details
  • There will be no confusion about who was nominated to undertake particular actions, and the timescales required for the action
  • You will learn how to use a template, so that minutes look consistent every time
  • You will be able to give a highly professional look to the minutes you prepare

Programme Content
  • Meetings
    > How To Have Effective And Efficient Meetings
  • The Minute Taker
    > Three Essential Stages For The Minute Taker
  • Preparing And Writing An Agenda
    > The Elements In An Effective, Workable Agenda
    > Practise How To Achieve Consistently Effective Agendas
  • Structuring Minutes Using A Template
    > Accuracy
    > Consistency
    > Clarity
  • Presentation Of The Minutes
  • Reported Speech
    > Structure And How To Use It 
    > How To Put It Into 'Minute Form'
  • Using 'Action Minutes' To Identify Nominated Staff And Timescales
  • Note-Taking During Meetings
  • Using Abbreviations
    > When And When Not To Use
    > Make A List Of Your Organization's Abbreviations
  • 'Mini Meetings' With Role-Play And Minute Taking Practice

At the end of the programme, delegates will have a clear idea of what good ‘Minutes’ are, and how they can help effective communication in the workplace.

Before the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

Total Investment: AED 2,150/- + VAT, which includes - Training Materials, Lunch and Refreshments. Discount available for multiple bookings.

Duration: 1 day
Brochure Price: AED 2,150/- + VAT
Online Price: AED 2,043/- + VAT
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