Microsoft® - Power BI

Beginner / Intermediate Level. Maximum of 8 Delegates. Spearhead will provide laptops for all delegates attending this course.

Microsoft® – Power BI

2 day(s)

From: AED2,600.00 AED2,470.00


Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those who want to understand and utilise the potential of Power BI. If you are a beginner, this training will help you use Power BI to deep dive and understand the data underneath your business so you can make better business decisions. You will build a firm foundation of knowledge to make Power BI your personal report and visualisation tool. If you are a Power BI veteran, this training will tie concepts together and fill in the gaps.

Microsoft® Excel knowledge is a prerequisite for this training.

About The Programme

This Two-Day programme takes users from being ‘Beginner’ to ‘Proficient’ Business Intelligence report generators.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the parts and building blocks of Power BI
  • To be able to get data from multiple sources into Power BI Desktop
  • To be able to build relationships and model your data to prepare for reports
  • To create new visualisations or build dashboards in Power BI service
  • To publish and share your dashboards
  • To be able to view and interact with shared dashboards and reports in Power BI Mobile Apps
  • To learn how to find, connect to, and interact with data in Power BI
  • To be able to use Excel and Power BI together and create powerful, connected reports and visuals
  • To learn DAX basics and fundamentals – how to think about DAX, how it works, and the most useful features

What You Will Gain

  • A sound working knowledge of Power BI elements
  • An in-depth understanding of how to get data and build reports from scratch
  • An understanding of how to bring your data to life, and reveal insights by using compelling visual representation in Power BI
  • An ability to build user friendly dashboards and publish, export, share, and distribute your Power BI data insights
  • An introduction to DAX, the language used to create Power BI queries

Programme Content


  • Getting Started
    > Introduction To Power BI
    > The Parts Of Power BI
    > The Flow Of Work In Power BI
    > Using Power BI
    > Building Blocks Of Power BI
    > Understanding Power BI Service
  • Getting Data
    > Install And Run Power BI Desktop
    > Connect To Data Sources In Power BI Desktop
    > Clean And Transform Data With Power Query Editor
    >> Shape Data
    >> SConnect To Data
    >> SCombine Data
    > More Advanced Data Sources And Transformation
    > Cleaning Irregularly Formatted Data
  • Modeling
    > Introduction To Modeling Your Data
    > How To Manage Your Data Relationships
    > Create Calculated Columns
    > Optimising Data Models
    > Create Calculated Measures
    > Create Calculated Tables
    > Explore Your Time-Based Data
  • Visualisations
    > Introduction To Visuals In Power BI
    > Create And Customise Simple Visuals
    > Combination Charts
    > Slicers
    > Map Visualisations
    > Matrixes And Tables


  • Visualisations (Contd.)
    > Scatter Charts
    > Waterfall And Funnel Charts
    > Gauges And Single-Number Cards
    > Modify Colour In Charts And Visuals
    > Shapes, Text Boxes And Images
    > Page Layout And Formatting
    > Group Interactions Among Visualisations
    > Duplicate A Report Page
    > Show Categories With No Data
    > Summarisation And Category Options
    > Z-Order
    > Visual Hierarchies And Drill Down
    > R Integration In Power BI Desktop
  • Exploring Data
    > Quick Insights In Power BI
    > Create And Configure A Dashboard
    > Ask Questions Of Your Data With Natural Language
    > Create Custom Q & A Suggestions
    > Share Dashboards With Your Organization
    > Edit Tile Details And Add Widgets
    > Install And Configure A Personal Gateway
  • Publishing And Sharing
    > Publish Power BI Desktop Reports
    > Print And Export Dashboards And Reports
    > Manually Republish And Refresh Your Data
    > Introducing Power BI Mobile
    > Create Groups In Power BI
    > Build, Use, And Update Apps
    > Integrate OneDrive For Business With Power BI
    > Publish To Web
  • Introduction To DAX
    > DAX Calculation Types
    > DAX Functions
    > Using Variables In DAX Expressions
    > Table Relationships And DAX
    > DAX Tables And Filtering

Before the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Briefing Form to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

Total Investment: AED 2,600/- + VAT, which includes – Training Materials, Lunch and Refreshments. Discount available for multiple bookings.

Microsoft® – Power BI

2 day(s)

From: AED2,600.00 AED2,470.00