COVID-19 Customer Health Information

As a market leader in training in the region for 23 years, our number one competency for all our personnel to practise, each day over those 23 years, has always been… ‘Customer Focus’.  It lies at the heart of Spearhead’s philosophy…

That is why… for the past three years we have had 99% ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ for ‘Method Of Instruction’ and ‘Overall Assessment Of The Course.’

…why we have worked with over 4,000 companies and organizations, and trained over 130,000 delegates…

…why we offer a ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’ to our Public Course delegates

…why we constantly aim to improve the quality and delivery of our programmes

…and WHY we have adjusted our training delivery plans to take into account the…

…COVID-19 Pandemic

With the global onset of COVID-19, every company and organization has had to change its methods of working, including staff working permanently, or semi-permanently, from home.

Due to the escalation of the crisis, in March 2020, we stopped our top-quality face-to-face training courses, literally overnight!  We then quickly adapted to creating Online Distance Learning Programmes.  We now have 38 DLP courses running.  Our DLP Programmes have been exceptionally well received by delegates, who are predominantly participating from the safety of their own homes.

See below, delegate feedback from our Course Assessment Forms:


'Please indicate any subject areas which were dealt with exceptionally well, and why?'

“Introduction and breaking the ICE”
“Communication, it felt like an open communication between us, rather than a teacher and a student, there was a lot of interactive exercises, sharing experiences”
“The Trainer's knowledge of the company was very surprising, it tells me that she spent time researching it before preparing the course”


'Please make any further comments which may be helpful to the Trainer.'

“Trainer very well organized and always on time.”
“She listened to my requests and prepared the course accordingly.”
“As I mentioned earlier, it did not feel like a classroom, where only the teacher talks, and we listen.  The way she used the interaction made the course very interesting and it went very fast”
“Trainer always asked if I had questions before going on to the next subject”


'What suggestions would you make to further improve our Distance Learning Programmes?'

“It was the first time for me to attend a distance learning course, and to be honest I was very impressed.  The connection was perfect, the material was clear, PowerPoint was well made, honestly well done!”

Until a successful vaccine is found, we all have to deal with this ‘Brave New World’ of ‘living with the pandemic’, and understanding, and accepting, the ‘new norm’ it has created for all of us.

Our online DLP programmes, limited to just eight participants*, (to ensure full engagement), will continue to be offered to our clients.  These courses are very helpful for people working from home, and for international clients, who do not wish to travel during the present crisis.

(*six participants for all Microsoft courses)

While we will continue to deliver our high-quality online DLP programmes, we are also looking at how to safely relaunch our face-to-face courses at our five-star venues in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Many clients are asking, when will the restart happen?  That is the ‘Golden Question’, to which we do not have a definitive answer, because delegate safety is our number 1 priority.

We are currently in discussions with our fantastic venues to explore how to safely relaunch our courses!

We have visited a number of the high-quality hotels we previously used for our face-to-face training, to find out the best way to jointly move forward.

Some hotels have a ‘clean promise’, as a way to show us they are doing all they can to safeguard their premises and anyone who visits!  Dubai hotels will now also need the ‘Dubai Assured’ stamp of approval, to show they are consistently adhering to the COVID-19 protocols.

Unless there is a dramatic improvement in the health situation, we will only be reviewing the matter from 1stSeptember 2020.  This is in line with the proposed restart of primary, secondary, and tertiary education, in the UAE.  We are also closely monitoring and keeping up-to-date with, the latest directives from KHDA (The Knowledge & Human Development Authority) in relation to face-to-face delivery of training.

In the past weeks, we have run some trial ‘live’ sessions with masked and gloved COVID-19 negative-tested volunteers and Trainer, to see how well it works.  See pictures below:


Based on the ‘live trials’, and accessing the best advice from doctors and experts, here in the UAE, and globally, including the World Health Organisation, we have put together our initial plans for offering the restart of face-to-face training courses.

  1. To only use hotels that we are confident will strongly adhere to the strict protocols needed to totally minimise risk to our delegates (including ‘Dubai Assured’ standards).

  2. To only use training rooms where social distancing can be effectively implemented. This will take into account the new research recently released about ‘aerosol transmission of the virus’ over longer distances than previously thought. This research makes the minimum ‘distancing’ rule an absolute ‘must’.

  3. To maintain Spearhead’s standards of a maximum of 12 delegates for each Face-to-Face Public Course Programme (eight for Microsoft).

  4. To ensure all people wear masks, and temperatures are taken when entering the hotel / office premises.

  5. Spearhead will make available face masks and hand sanitisers for delegate use, where required.

  6. To ensure delegates and hotel staff always strictly follow the designated protocols.

  7. To ensure the hotel staff constantly clean and sanitise the communal areas – especially the washrooms and seating, inside and outside the training rooms.

  8. Where possible to create one-way systems to minimise close contact with hotel staff or other delegates / hotel residents.

  9. To agree procedures with hotels if anyone is ill (not necessarily with COVID-19). Ensure the procedure is known for any illness (and have a provision for a possible COVID virus infection, that the Trainer and delegates are FULLY aware of).

  10. To agree with the hotel, safe procedures for pre-course snacks, tea / coffee breaks, and lunch.

If you have any additional concerns about safety at venues, or any other issues, we will be happy to discuss them, and take any suggestions on board.

We very much look forward to welcoming our delegates back on our face-to-face training courses, some time in 2020.

But: we will only proceed with face-to-face training when we are fully satisfied the risks to our delegates have been absolutely minimalised.

In the meantime, please feel free to call us if you have delegates interested in attending any of our 38 Distance Learning Programmes.

Best regards,

Spearhead Training

Dubai: 04 3362552
Abu Dhabi: 02 6315338