Our Aim & Philosophy

This document is used internally to ensure all Spearhead personnel work to the highest professional standards.

Our Aim 
To be the leading soft skills training organization in the region for the key areas of training we deliver – Management & Leadership, HR Management & Training, Customer Service, Administrative Skills, Sales & Marketing, Personal Development, Business Writing Skills, Finance, and Microsoft® Office.

Our Philosophy
To achieve our aim with a totally 'customer focused' approach, and not a 'money focused' one.

To constantly strive to deliver consistently better quality training than our competitors.

To never 'cut corners' on quality, and to never be perceived as just an 'invoice training company'.

To constantly focus on our three key areas of business:

> Public open courses
> Tailored In-Company training
> Consultancy

To provide courses that are relevant and relate to the real-life work situations in the Gulf region.

To differentiate ourselves from the competition with regard to our Public Courses, by having a non-negotiable maximum of 12 delegates on every programme (or eight where appropriate), so that the Trainer:delegate ratio allows for excellent interaction between delegates and Trainer – providing maximum opportunity for effective learning and development to take place.

To ensure consistent success when delivering In-Company courses, by focusing on the four key stages required for success:

> Thorough pre-course diagnostic work
> Well prepared and professional training materials
> Top-quality training delivery
> Excellent 'on time' reports and feedback to the client

To implement a process of continual review and improvement for our internal systems, and in the preparation of our training materials.

To ensure our Business Development personnel work closely with the client and Trainers to consistently deliver what we promise.

To recruit high quality Trainers who always follow our procedures, and work closely with our Business Development staff and Administration, to produce the best training possible for the client, and have a commitment to improving what was delivered before.

To strictly follow the internal procedures of our company to ensure maximum quality control, and the smooth operation of both Public and In-Company courses.

To never compromise on quality and always apply stringent checks to eliminate errors.

By doing all of the above, we will maintain and enhance our reputation as a totally 'customer focused' company.

If we make a mistake, we will identify why and learn from it – so that it does not happen again.

We will constantly work with integrity, pride, teamwork and a 100% commitment to our internal and external customers, to produce the best results possible  while at the same time maintaining our competitive edge as a market leader, and meeting the expectations of our board and our shareholders.

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