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Catherine Brooks

B.A. (Hons) Q.T.S.
Senior Management Associate, Spearhead Training

Catherine is a native of Ireland, who spent the majority of her formative years in Cape Town, South Africa. She graduated in 1991 with an Honours Degree from the University of Cape Town. She then worked for ten years in an IT organization in South Africa in Sales and Marketing, while also holding the position of Training Coordinator. Her key role in the company was to provide training and support for business development in Sub-Saharan Africa. During this time, she obtained extensive experience in Sales and Marketing, as well as Event Management, through the organization of international conferences aimed at programmers, resellers and customers of the 4GL/RDBMS product. 

Catherine then moved into a position as Administration Manager for a company in Cape Town, before relocating to the UK in 2001, where she lived for seven years.

Her first post in the UK was in the Sales Department of a food packaging company. In this role, Catherine gained experience in containment, protection, communication, functionality, environmental and safety issues. This position required patience and the ability to work individually, and also as part of a team. Excellent observational skills were needed to spot faults, and to check on adherence to strict health and safety guidelines and quality procedures. Catherine believes this experience helped her to consolidate her skills in effective management, and also to enhance the skills needed to get the maximum performance from a team.

During her time in the UK, she qualified as a secondary teacher, and held a number of key positions in educational establishments, including management posts in both the UK and subsequently, in the Gulf region.

In her education career, Catherine was rapidly moved up the management chain, partly due to her counselling, mentoring, and coaching skills. She believes that an effective educator / trainer needs not just excellent subject knowledge, but the ability to excel as a facilitator, presenter, and listener. Catherine has also been involved in the development and implementation of a number of courses based on Microsoft® Office products, and has a wealth of experience in delivering engaging ‘hands-on’ technical information in a structured learning environment.

In 2008, Catherine relocated to the GCC, where she held management positions in two leading schools, as well as teaching students in English as an Additional Language. Her multi-cultural education experience helped her to understand the specific learning environments in the region, and how to tailor delivery to the very special needs of the Gulf market. This has given her the practical knowledge and skills to deliver a wide range of courses, including Business Writing, with content and delivery that has empathy for the great cultural diversities of the region.

Catherine joined Spearhead Training, in 2013, as a Senior Management Associate. She is committed to providing top-quality training that engages and inspires participants, and empowers them with the skills necessary to make a difference in their organizations. She is a conscientious, passionate, and enthusiastic facilitator, with excellent communication skills.

Catherine’s key areas of expertise include:

City & Guilds – ILM Courses
(ILM) سيتي أند جيلدز - دورات

Management & Leadership Training Courses
القيادة والإدارة

HR Management & Training
إدارة الموارد البشرية والتدريب

Customer Service Training Courses
خدمة العملاء

Administrative Skills Training Courses
المهارات الإدارية

Sales & Marketing Training Courses
المبيعات والتسويق

Personal Development Training Courses
التطوير الشخصي

Business Writing Training Courses
الكتابة للأعمال

Microsoft Office Training Courses
مايكروسوفت أوفيس

Additional Courses (In-Company Only)
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