Our Trainer

Michael Lorrigan

B.A. (Hons), PGCE
Managing Director, Spearhead Training, UAE

Michael is a UK national, with over 30 years’ experience in training, sales, P.R., management consultancy, and education. He began his working career in education in the UK and Kuwait. After teaching in Scotland for two years, he moved to Kuwait in 1977, where he taught over eighty nationalities in a multicultural, independent academic institution for eight years, rising to Senior Management level, before returning to Europe in 1985. 

He then began an entrepreneurial career, setting up and managing his own company, which was eventually bought out by the multinational corporation, Mattel. In 1991, after the fall of communism, he was commissioned to set up a company in Budapest, Hungary, to handle the affairs of a number of British export companies that wished to target the emerging East European markets. After 18 months spent successfully setting up the distribution channels and framework for this project, he returned to the UK to work in P.R. and media relations. Originally based in the South West of England, he moved to London in 1995, where he took up a position handling all media and P.R. activities for a leading London Housing Trust.

His work involved all aspects of publicity, media relations, P.R. and information dissemination about the organization. His media skills resulted in wide coverage for the organization’s activities in leading British newspapers and publications, including The Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, Evening Standard, etc., two ten-minute features on BBC Radio 4, and worldwide coverage on BBC World, and Sky News. The exceptional coverage of one pioneering project led to this aspect of the organization’s work being presented to British Members of Parliament in a special all-party presentation at the House Of Commons. During this period Michael also conducted training courses on P.R. and the media for specialist groups, including charitable institutions.

After joining Spearhead, Michael was appointed General Manager for Spearhead Gulf LLC in 1998, and Managing Director in 1999. Under his leadership Spearhead has experienced unprecedented growth in the Gulf, expanding into a multi-office operation in the Middle East, with a client base of over 3,400 companies. Since 1999, he has been a contributor to regional media as a writer on management and training issues. Michael is very interested in developing training courses suited to the needs of Gulf nationals, and has spoken on this issue at a number of conferences and seminars. He has also been a regular guest on business radio and T.V. programmes, providing insight into the fields of training and development.

With many years of experience in training, Michael has a fundamental belief that dynamic and positive change can be achieved if the correct training is delivered, in the right environment, by the right person. He believes that even a relatively short exposure to targeted effective learning, can be a positive, life changing experience, for an individual.

Despite a successful career covering a number of areas, Michael believes that his greatest achievement to date was establishing the Free Kuwait Campaign in London, just a few days after the Iraqi invasion on August 2nd, 1990. With a number of volunteers, some of whom were his ex-Kuwaiti students, he coordinated the campaign’s activities full-time until the liberation of Kuwait in February 1991. The campaign made a significant contribution to maintaining public support across the world for Kuwait’s cause. After the liberation, in 1991, he participated in two BBC documentaries on radio and T.V., covering the campaign and the liberation. This involved travelling into newly liberated Kuwait with the two BBC teams just a few days after the Iraqi military had withdrawn.

Michael specialises in delivering courses for Spearhead on Management & Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Negotiation Skills, Personal Development, and Specialised Customer Service Programmes.

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