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The Spearhead Training Team are all dedicated to bringing you world-class training. Our Trainers have all been selected because of their track record and ability to deliver 'on target' training in the training room. All Trainers work exclusively for Spearhead. We do not employ freelance trainers.

Deena Affia

BA, Certified Meta-Coach (ACMC), Certified Neuro-Semantics Trainer (ISNS), NLP Certified, Bilingual Coach And Trainer

Senior Management Associate

Deena is an Egyptian national, with a wide range of experience in training, coaching, teaching, and public speaking. She obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in 2002 from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, graduating in English Language and Literature.

Deena has a great interest in developing effective communication within organizations, and is a Master NLP Practitioner, a licensed Neuro-Semantics instructor, and an Associate Certified Meta-Coach. The skill sets associated with these three fields provide helpful and evolutionary tools to enhance the performance of both individuals and organizations. This is achieved through enabling people to become more aware of their current approach to situations, how they deal with other people, and their own self-analysis. These techniques allow delegates to see with fresh eyes, many new possibilities, and also provides them with the ability to develop sustainable new competencies that achieve positive outcomes that matter, both to the delegate and their organization.

In 2011, Deena first moved into the human development field by taking up a teaching position with Concordia International School, Cairo, teaching English to Middle School students. From this experience, she realised the importance of understanding various learning styles to help students achieve their maximum potential. This led to a keen interest in further researching different teaching and learning techniques, and how they are linked to the development of human excellence. What also became clear was the importance of properly structured learning environments – often tailored to the individual needs of learners.

From this research, and her own experiences, Deena moved into the field of adult education, training and development, commencing her career as a Trainer / Facilitator and Coach, in 2012, with a Cairo-based training organization. In this role she was able to use her skills to deliver courses such as Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Coaching, Goal Setting, Peak Performance, Decision-Making, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Assertiveness Skills, Motivation Skills, etc.

To further enhance her skills in these fields she began another journey of personal development, starting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2012. This helped her to better understand the way people really communicate. She also attended a number of other training programmes during this period, including Self-Leadership and Advanced Communication Skills.

This developed into an interest in ‘Coaching’ as a powerful development tool for individuals. Leading on from this, Deena studied to become a certified Associate Meta-Coach with the Meta-Coach Foundation, an international body headquartered in Brussels, with a presence in 42 countries. Deena qualified as a Meta-Coach with them, in 2013, having undertaken over 180 hours of coach-specific education.

Deena is a passionate believer in the benefits of effective coaching. She appreciates when coaching can be highly effective, and in which situations it does not work. She believes it is fundamentally important for organizations to create the right climate for effective coaching to take place. She also recognises that learning how to build ‘close relationships with customers’ is often a vitally important outcome for the success and effectiveness of corporate coaching and training. By using proven techniques in her training and coaching sessions, and adapting her courses to match different learning styles, Deena has succeeded in boosting the professional performance of many individuals, with significant benefit to their organizations.

In 2015, Deena qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner. In the same year, and to enhance her training and delivery skills, she travelled to Mexico to attend a Neuro-Semantics ‘Train the Trainer’ programme, run by Dr L. Michael Hall, the co-founder of Neuro-Semantics and his assist team Master Trainers: David Murphy, the President of the Meta-Coach Foundation, and Colin Cox. Following this programme, she obtained her certification as a Neuro-Semantics Trainer.

On a personal level, Deena is an authentic and supportive person. Alignment and congruency in what she teaches are important to her, being a strong believer in self-application first. She enjoys being on her feet in the training room and believes the growth and development she achieves within her trainings, are far-reaching and impactful. Being a solution-oriented Trainer who loves celebrating small wins, as well as the final earned success, she is always focused on achieving results, and ensuring her delegates enjoy the ‘training journey’. Through bringing positivity, support, and practical skills, into the training room, Deena is committed to leaving a lasting legacy with every delegate with whom she works.

In 2017, she joined Spearhead Training as a Senior Management Associate.

Deena Affia

Deena Affia

Senior Management Associate