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General Questions

How long has Spearhead been established in the UAE?

The company was officially launched in the Gulf in December 1997.

How long has Spearhead been established in the UK?

Spearhead was established in the UK in 1981.

How many locations does Spearhead Gulf have?

Two locations – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

How many client companies and delegates has Spearhead Training trained?

26,000+ companies worldwide (including the Middle East) and 700,000+ delegates.

How many client companies does Spearhead have in the Middle East?

Over 4,000 clients, including small, medium sized companies, and many multinational clients.

How do you measure the success of your courses?

That is a good question! We have five levels of measuring the effectiveness of training.

The first level is that delegates have a very positive reaction to the program. Currently we have achieved 99%+ ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ ratings, for ‘Method Of Instruction’ and ‘Overall Assessment’ from the delegates for all our courses (including ILM). Anything below these ratings is investigated by our Customer Focus Team.

The other four levels for measuring training effectiveness will be explained in meetings with our Business Development Managers. But the most important thing is to ensure that you get a very good ROI (Return On Investment) from your training. We will show you how the effectiveness of training can be measured in terms of improved business performance, so that all five levels for measuring effectiveness are achieved.

What is the background and experience of your Trainers?

The profiles of our Trainers are available on this website. All Trainers have a proven track record in the topics they train in, and all have gone through a rigorous selection process before joining Spearhead.

Does Spearhead ever use freelance trainers?

No. All Spearhead Trainers work exclusively for Spearhead Training. This differentiates us from the vast majority of Gulf-based training organizations and ensures consistency of standards, delivery, and quality.

Are your courses tailored to the local market?

Yes. Our courses have been designed according to local market needs. All courses have been upgraded for 2023. Most of our case studies are specific to the Gulf region.

In-Company Training Courses Questions

Does Spearhead offer tailored In-Company training programs?

Yes. In fact the bulk of our business is In-Company training programs. Before delivering training we carry out extensive diagnostic work to ensure that our course content matches the key outcomes required by the client company or organization.

How does Spearhead 'tailor' courses for In-Company delivery?

We carry out extensive diagnostic work, including meetings, delegate interviews, questionnaires, and targeted interaction with the company management and delegates, to ensure we deliver ‘on target’ training.

Do you provide services like 'Mystery Shopper' or 'Mystery Caller'?

Yes, we can provide ‘Mystery Shopper’ and ‘Mystery Caller’ services. We have successfully carried out these services for many organizations.

Are your timings flexible for In-Company training?

Yes. You can choose the dates and timings for In-Company trainings – subject to Trainer availability.

Will my training details and records be discussed with other potential clients?

No. Unlike many other training companies, we maintain strict client confidentiality, and will never discuss a client’s training with another company. We guarantee client confidentiality. Our client list is never sent out, or published anywhere (including our website).

Can you deliver training outside the UAE?

Yes. Our Trainers can travel to provide training in different countries.

Do you provide help with venues, training equipment, etc., for In-Company training?

Yes. We can provide help with looking for a venue, and will try to provide our clients with special corporate rates for venues. We can also use our own equipment, subject to availability, e.g. LCDs – which may help to reduce some of your costs.

Public Training Courses Questions

How many Public Courses do you offer?

We have 60 face-to-face Public Courses and 67 Online Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) – which can all be tailored for In-Company delivery.

What is the maximum number of delegates on Spearhead Public Courses?

There is a non-negotiable maximum of 12 delegates on all face-to-face Public Courses (eight for online courses), and only eight in the case of Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation Skills, Train The Trainer, and Microsoft® Courses (six for online courses).  This ensures high quality, effective training.

What are the start and finish times for Spearhead Public Courses? How many contact hours are there in a training day?

Dubai training hours – 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m., Abu Dhabi – 8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Total contact hours (Trainer:Delegate) is 6.5 per day for all Public Courses.

What happens during Ramadan with Public Course timings?

During Ramadan, we take into account the needs of Muslim delegates – with different timings applicable. We start our courses earlier and shorten the day, by cutting the length of breaks.

What happens after I make an online booking for a Public Course?

One of our Business Development people will get in touch with you after we receive your online booking to confirm your place on the course. This can be done by filling in a Booking Form and Pre-Course Briefing Form and emailing it, back to Spearhead. Following this, an invoice will be sent to the address supplied and Joining Instructions (course date, timings, venue, Trainer details, etc.,) will be emailed to you closer to the date of the training.

How are your Public Training Courses delivered?

Our courses are highly interactive and take into account delegates’ different learning styles. There are Trainer-led discussions, group work, individual presentations, experiential role-plays, individual assessments, etc. In some cases digital recordings are also made and played back to delegates.

What do I get if I book on a Spearhead Public Course?

The Public Course investment includes the following:

  • A high-quality delegate manual packed full of relevant information
  • Top-class handouts and case studies
  • Access to the Spearhead telephone helpline, during office hours, so you can get individual post-course support from Spearhead as, and when, you need it
  • All written materials – Spearhead pen, note pad, etc.
  • A personalised certificate of attendance
  • A high-quality international buffet lunch
  • Pre-course refreshments, morning and afternoon breaks, with coffee, tea, and light snacks
  • Personal Development Planners and Individual Trainer Feedback Forms*
  • A great training experience!

*Trainer Feedback on individual delegates is provided for courses of more than one day’s duration.

Can I save money if I book more than one delegate at a time?

Yes. Please call our local office and ask about our discount pricing structure for multiple bookings on Public Courses.

What other services does Spearhead offer, other than Public and In-Company courses?

How do you select your training venues?

Before selecting venues for Public or In-Company training, our Admin staff inspect them to ensure they are up to the professional standard we require. It is important to choose venues that create a memorable learning experience for delegates.

What is the post-training service that Spearhead provides?

Our post-training service includes Course Assessment Forms, Trainer Feedback Forms, and Personal Development Planners. In the case of In-Company training, we also provide a comprehensive Post-Training Feedback Report on the training to the client company.

Are certificates for Spearhead courses attested by external bodies?

16 of our courses can be offered as both Public as well as In-Company, with an endorsement from City & Guilds – ILM. We also offer ILM approved programs on an In-Company basis: Level 3 Award in Leadership & Management and Level 3 Certificate in Leadership & Management. The balance of our courses are updated annually and customised to meet the development needs of our clients.

If I have other questions what should I do?

Please contact the relevant office and ask to speak to one of our Business Development Managers who will be pleased to answer any additional queries you may have.

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