Upcoming Public Courses
Course Name Date Duration Location  
Presentation Skills - Making A Powerful Impact On Any Audience
مهارات العرض - إحداث تأثير قوي على أي جمهور
15th - 17th Oct 2019 3 days Dubai Book Now!
Event Management
إدارة الفعاليات
16th - 17th Oct 2019 2 days Dubai Book Now!
Creativity & Innovation Workshop
ورشة الإبداع والإبتكار
16th - 17th Oct 2019 2 days Dubai Book Now!
Developing Management Skills
تطوير المهارات الإدارية
20th - 24th Oct 2019 5 days Dubai Book Now!
The Perfect PA - For PAs & Executive Secretaries
المساعد الشخصي المثالي - للمساعدين الشخصيين والأمناء التنفيذيين
20th - 21st Oct 2019 2 days Dubai Book Now!
Microsoft® Office - Excel 2016 Intermediate Level
مايكروسوفت أوفيس - إكسل ٢٠١٦ المستوى المتوسط
20th - 21st Oct 2019 2 days Dubai Book Now!
The Fundamentals Of Project Management
أساسيات إدارة المشاريع
22nd - 24th Oct 2019 3 days Abu Dhabi Book Now!
Developing Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills
تطوير العلاقات الشخصية والتواصل الفعّال
23rd - 24th Oct 2019 2 days Abu Dhabi Book Now!
Etiquette For Excellent Telephone Skills
الآداب المطلوبة لتحسين مهارات الهاتف الخاصة بك
24th Oct 2019 1 day Dubai Book Now!
Public Speaking / Advanced Presentation Skills
مهارات العرض المتقدمة
27th - 28th Oct 2019 2 days Abu Dhabi Book Now!
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Spearhead Gulf - Training For Dubai & The Middle East

Spearhead Training is the leading soft skills training organization in the region. We have delivered 'high quality' training to over 3,800 companies and organizations in the Gulf region, covering over 50 different business sectors. Spearhead's Regional Middle East Head Office is located in Dubai. We have another office in the UAE, based in Abu Dhabi. Further expansion is planned.

Our key objective is to improve the business performance of our clients, by delivering quality Public, and In-Company training courses. While Spearhead is well known for our 'flagship' Public Courses, the largest part of Spearhead's business is actually delivering tailored In-Company Courses specifically designed to meet our customer's needs. We understand that many organizations require training that specifically fits their corporate culture, and achieves their targeted business objectives.

Spearhead Delivers Training Of The Highest Quality

In 2019, we are offering 46 Public training courses. These have been upgraded to take into account new market trends. We constantly listen to feedback from our customers, and wherever possible, try to bring in new courses they have requested.

We employ specialist Trainers from diverse corporate backgrounds, from the following countries - UK, Ireland, U.S.A., South Africa, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, India and Russia. Each has a proven track record of delivering top-quality training. Our Trainers are based in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi.

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