Etiquette For Excellent Telephone Skills – Online Training Program

Turning ''Good Morning'' Into Good Business

Etiquette For Excellent Telephone Skills – Online Training Program

1 day(s)

AED 1,450.00


Who Should Attend?

All staff who directly, or indirectly, communicate with internal and external customers, and who need to improve and develop their telephone etiquette.

About The Program

This program is specifically designed for people who spend at least 50% of their time on the phone with customers. Poor telephone handling can be very expensive for your company, both in lost image and lost money. Millions of dollars are lost in the Gulf region every year because of poor handling of customers by staff on the telephone. In one example, we tell a real-life story of how a company lost over AED 5 million because of poor telephone skills by a member of staff who did not know how to deal with a customer! Customers who are well-handled will call again and bring you more business. Bad telephone technique, and poor customer care, will lose you customers. It costs you approximately eight times as much to find a new customer, compared to keeping an existing one. This course is essential, if your staff have not been trained in effective telephone skills. It teaches the correct methods of proper telephone handling, in an enjoyable and highly participative program.

Course Objectives

  • To understand how each individual using the telephone, contributes to the company’s overall image
  • To identify the skills and techniques required for excellent telephone etiquette
  • To learn the best language and voice tone to use when speaking to different types of callers
  • To learn how to manage the ‘upset / angry’ caller
  • To understand the importance of active listening and effective questioning
  • To identify correct and incorrect telephone standards for dealing with all calls
  • To learn and practice how to be helpful and effective on the telephone

What You Will Gain

  • Increased confidence in dealing with all types of callers
  • The ability to consistently create a good impression for yourself and your organization by creating your own internal ‘Telephone Charter’
  • The best techniques to allow you to be professional when answering calls, transferring calls, putting callers on hold, dealing with enquiries, dealing with ‘difficult’ callers, etc.
  • The best approach for handling complaints on the telephone

Program Content

  • Six Levels Of Customer Service
  • How Does A Company Improve Its Telephone Technique?
  • Professional Telephone Etiquette
  • Answering Incoming Calls Professionally
  • Making Outbound Calls Professionally
  • Creating A Great ‘First Impression’ And A Positive, Lasting ‘Last Impression’
  • Being Positive And Conversational On A Call
  • What ‘To Say’ And What ‘Not To Say’
  • Developing Great Listening Skills
  • The Importance Of Verbal And Non-Verbal Aspects Of Communication
  • Questioning Skills For Improving Call Handling
  • Handling Difficult Callers
  • Taking Accurate Messages
  • Dealing With Complaints In A Helpful And Mature Manner
  • Creating A ‘Telephone Charter’ For Your Organization

Please contact us for specific details on the courses we are running. Our Business Development Team will be happy to provide you with further details.

Before the course, each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Briefing Form to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course, each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

Total ONLINE Investment: AED 1,450 + VAT

From: 2nd November 2023

To: 2nd November 2023

Duration: 1 day(s)

Location: Online

Etiquette For Excellent Telephone Skills – Online Training Program

1 day(s)

AED 1,450.00