Human Capital / Human Resource (HR) Management Skills – Online Training Program

Developing The Skills For Effective People Management

Human Capital / Human Resource (HR) Management Skills – Online Training Program

4 day(s)

AED 6,300.00


Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for professionals, particularly those who are new to the HC / HR function in their organization, or who have some experience, but no formal training.  It is also suitable for professionals who would like to broaden their HC / HR knowledge, and develop their expertise and interpersonal skills.  Line managers, who are tasked with some personnel functions, would also find this a very useful program.

About The Program

Managing the Human Capital / HR function in an organization requires the use of many skills, including the ability to manage yourself and others, the ability to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively.  This program will enable HC / HR professionals to develop critical skills within the main functions of HC / HR: Resourcing, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Interviewing, TNA (Training Needs Analysis), Reward Structure, etc.

The program is highly practical, with delegates involved in group activities, role-plays and exercises aimed at developing and enhancing their skills.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the different roles and responsibilities of Human Capital / Human Resource Managers
  • To become familiar with the recruitment and selection process, resourcing, and the skills required for effective interviewing
  • To identify and use the skills involved in managing people effectively, specifically planning and organizing, communication, leadership, assertiveness, motivation, delegation, decision-making, etc.
  • To identify the key elements of employee relations, focusing specifically on the techniques of coaching, counseling, and disciplinary action
  • To examine employee learning and development (L&D), in order to plan, and implement, L&D activities
  • To understand the importance of a Reward Management Framework
  • To develop the skills needed to conduct productive appraisals within a Performance Management System
  • To become familiar with creating effective policies and procedures for employees

What You Will Gain

  • A clear understanding of the management and interpersonal skills required to effectively perform the Human Capital / HR function
  • The ability to develop skills such as planning, decision-making, interviewing, coaching, and counseling
  • Exposure to all the aspects of current best practices in employee development

Program Content


  • Human Capital (HC) / Human Resource (HR) Management
    • Benefits Of Investment In HC / HR
    • The Strategic Importance Of HC / HR In An Organization
    • The HC / HR Audit
    • HC / HR Reporting
  • Planning And Organizing Effectively
    • The ‘People Business Plan’
    • The Planning Process
    • Talent Management Planning
  • Recruitment And Selection
    • Analyzing The Recruitment And Selection Process
  • Job Descriptions, Competencies And Person Specifications
    • Writing Job Descriptions
    • Key / Core Competencies
    • How To Decide On Appropriate Competencies
    • Writing Person Specifications


  • Communicating Effectively
    • The Process Of Communication In An Organization
    • Communication Skills
    • Asking Relevant And Effective Questions
    • Active Listening
  • The Recruitment Process
    • Sources Of Recruitment
    • The Screening Process
    • The Interview And Selection Process
    • Interview Role-Plays
    • Post-Interview Procedures And Follow-Up
    • Using Psychometric Tests And Assessment Centers


  • Behavioral Styles
    • Recognizing Behavioral Styles
    • Being Assertive
    • Assertiveness In Practice
  • Coaching, Mentoring, And Counseling
    • Preparing For A Counseling Session
    • Conducting A Counseling Session
    • Guidelines For Getting Feedback
    • Coaching And Counseling Role-Plays
  • Dealing With Disciplinary Issues
    • The Importance Of Policies, Rules And Procedures
    • Managing A Disciplinary Matter
    • Conducting A Disciplinary Interview
    • Deciding Upon And Implementing Disciplinary Action
    • Holding An Appeal


  • Motivation And Employee Engagement
    • Theories On Motivation And Employee Engagement
  • Reward Systems
    • Effective Appraisal Skills
    • Preparation For An Appraisal
    • The Appraisal Interview
    • The Follow-Up
    • Appraisal Role-Plays
  • Developing An Employee Learning And Development (L&D) Plan
    • Learning Needs Analysis Process
    • Providing Effective Training
  • Effective Decision-Making
    • Decision-Making In Practice

Please contact us for specific details on the courses we are running. Our Business Development Team will be happy to provide you with further details.

Before the course, each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Briefing Form to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course, each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

For ILM Programs, each delegate will be required to attend a written one-hour assessment, at the end of the course. Delegates must achieve a 50% pass mark to receive an ILM Certificate.

Total ONLINE Investment: AED 6,300/- + VAT, includes ILM Registration

From: 22nd July 2024

To: 25th July 2024

Duration: 4 day(s)

Location: Online

From: 9th September 2024

To: 12th September 2024

Duration: 4 day(s)

Location: Online

From: 11th November 2024

To: 14th November 2024

Duration: 4 day(s)

Location: Online

Human Capital / Human Resource (HR) Management Skills – Online Training Program

4 day(s)

AED 6,300.00