Our Trainers

The Spearhead Training Team are all dedicated to bringing you world-class training. Our Trainers have all been selected because of their track record and ability to deliver 'on target' training in the training room. All Trainers work exclusively for Spearhead. We do not employ freelance trainers.

Alison Bowser

Senior Management Associate

Alison is a UK national with over 27 years of corporate and training experience across a wide spectrum of business sectors.  These include: Charitable, Private, Academic, and the UK National Health Service (NHS).

Alison has been described as “an energetic and highly enthusiastic trainer who believes in delivering the very best, each time”.  Her experience of training a range of audiences, from members of the public, to top company directors and professors, reflects the strong versatility and adaptability she can apply to delivering training.  Drawing upon her first-hand experience of soft skills training in healthcare, government, and academic settings, allows her to quickly understand how a variety of industries function at their core.  Her time as a Director of her own business for many years, means she is also able to draw upon life experiences to illustrate how the road to leadership takes many turns on the journey to success.

In 1993, Alison was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of a national patient organization, a role she held until 2008.  In this position, she was responsible for its day-to-day management and growth, as well as training.  She still fondly recalls her first training session, which was delivered to student nurses at London’s world-famous Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.  She enjoyed this experience so much, that delivering and devising training continued to become an integral part of her role.  She later moved on to deliver media training, based on her own experience of television, radio, and print media.

In 2008, seeking a new challenge, Alison became Director of her own Healthcare Training Company, delivering training and facilitation to a range of NHS and Private Healthcare Organizations throughout the UK.  She subsequently devised highly effective, tailored training courses to address clearly identified gaps in the training of medical staff.

After three years of managing her own company, in 2011, she was approached to join the National Institute Of Health Research, based at Oxford University.  In this role, she was responsible for devising and delivering a range of soft skills training to medical students, academic and medical researchers, and members of the public.

In 2014, Alison left Oxford University to return to training consultancy services for a UK medical multinational information provider, helping them to develop a new, highly successful and inclusive ‘patient focused service’.

Continuing her passion for training, in 2016, Alison moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE, to take up a role as Senior Management Associate with Spearhead Training.  Joining the team was an exciting opportunity for Alison to deliver Spearhead’s own brand of world-class training in the UAE, and throughout the Middle East region.

In 2018, she returned to the UK, but has continued to train under the Spearhead brand, while undertaking an Open University BSc in Social Psychology.Her adaptability and flexible approach has ensured a seamless transition from face-to-face training, to running a range of Online Distance Learning Programs (DLPs), for Spearhead.

Alison’s key areas of expertise include:

Management & Leadership

  • Developing Management Skills (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Supervisory Management Skills (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Creativity & Innovation Workshop
  • Leading High Performance Teams For Stronger Business Performance (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision-Making (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Event Management (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Coaching For Optimum Performance (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Planning & Organizing Skills – Achieving Your Highest Priorities

HR Management & Training

  • Competency-Based Interviewing Skills – For Recruitment & Selection
  • Train The Trainer – Group Training Techniques (City & Guilds ILM Course)

Customer Service

  • Excellence In Customer Service
  • Customer Care & Telephone Skills
  • Etiquette For Excellent Telephone Skills
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Developing A ‘World-Class Customer Service’ – As A Competitive Strategy

Administrative Skills

  • Office Management & Administration (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Professional Secretarial & Administrative Skills
  • The Perfect PA – For PAs & Executive Secretaries

Sales & Marketing

  • Negotiation Skills – Learn How To Negotiate Like A Professional!
  • Social Media Marketing For Business
  • Presentation Skills – Making A Powerful Impact On Any Audience (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Advanced Presentation Skills

Personal Development

  • Self & Time Management
  • Stress & Anger Management In The Workplace
  • Developing Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Assertiveness Skills (& Dealing With Difficult Situations)
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence (City & Guilds ILM Course)

Business Writing Courses

  • Professional Business Writing Skills (City & Guilds ILM Course)
  • Advanced Business Writing Skills (City & Guilds ILM Course)

Additional Courses (In-Company Only)

  • Improving Patient Consultations
  • Team Building

Alison Bowser

Senior Management Associate