Microsoft® 365 – PowerPoint

Intermediate / Advanced Level. Maximum of 8 Delegates. Spearhead will provide laptops for all delegates attending this course.

Microsoft® 365 – PowerPoint

2 day(s)

AED 2,600.00



This program helps delegates explore the possibilities available in Microsoft® PowerPoint, to help them create more professional looking and impactful presentations. This course would benefit all those who want to save on time while designing presentations for various work purposes like training, reporting, product presentations, etc. It includes PowerPoint features that will allow delegates to build interactivity into their presentations.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the basics of Microsoft® 365 PowerPoint, and how it is different from the previous versions
  • To gain a better understanding of the various PowerPoint tools and functions, and how they can be used in your presentations, to bring more creativity into your PowerPoint slides
  • To use keyboard shortcuts to improve your efficiency and speed, while using PowerPoint
  • To learn how to standardise slides with a consistent look and feel in just a few clicks
  • To learn how to insert and format various objects like into your PowerPoint presentations to enhance the message and design of your PowerPoint slides
  • To explore the inbuilt tools that can help you reduce the text on a PowerPoint slides

What You Will Gain

  • An in-depth knowledge of Microsoft® 365 PowerPoint
  • Quick and easy ways of creating and formatting your PowerPoint slides
  • The ability to easily create, and apply, customised designs to all your PowerPoint slides
  • An understanding of how to embed or link media and other files into your PowerPoint presentations
  • An awareness of the types of charts, icons, pictures, cut-out people, 3D Models etc., that can be inserted into your PowerPoint slides, and how they can be formatted
  • An increased speed by using the keyboard shortcuts for frequently used tools

Program Content


  • What Is New In Microsoft® 365 PowerPoint?
  • Creating A New PowerPoint Presentation
    • Choosing The Layout For Your Slides
    • Inserting And Deleting Slides From Your Presentation
    • Re-using Slides From Different PowerPoint Presentations
    • Saving A PowerPoint Presentation In Different Formats
    • Creating Sections
  • PowerPoint Views And The Benefits Of Each
  • Adding And Formatting Text Boxes To Your Slides
    • Formatting Text In Your Slides
    • Modifying List Appearance
    • Fine-tuning Indents And Line Spacing
    • Using ‘Find And Replace’ Function
  • Design Themes And Your Application
    • Applying A Theme To A Presentation
    • Customising Themes
    • Building A Custom Colour And Font Set
    • Building A Custom Background
  • Working With Slide Master
    • Deleting, Inserting, And Customising Layouts
    • Setting A Master Theme
    • Two Or More Sets Of Master Slides
    • Using The Slides In A Presentation
  • Inserting And Formatting Pictures, Clip Art, Shapes, SmartArt
    • Aligning, Ordering, Grouping Objects And Applying Effects


  • Customising The Design Ideas To Match Corporate Templates
  • Zoom Feature To Build Dynamic Slides
  • Animation And Transition Effects
    • Customising The Pre-Set Animation Effects
    • Applying Animations And Transition Effects To Slides
  • Inserting Tables, Spreadsheets, And Charts Into Your PowerPoint Presentations
  • Inserting Audio / Visuals
    • Inserting Sound Clips Into PowerPoint Presentations
    • Inserting Video Clips Into PowerPoint Presentations
    • Editing Video Clips In PowerPoint
  • Creating Links
    • Linking To A File Or Website
    • Linking To Slides In The Same Presentation
  • Inserting And Editing Action Buttons
  • Finalising And Running Your Presentation
    • Reviewing Tools Available For Use During A Slide Show
  • Printing Your PowerPoint Presentation And Handouts
  • Notes Section
    • How To Create Notes
    • Notes Page View
    • Notes Master
    • Print The Notes Pages
  • Reviewing The Presentation
    • Checking Grammar And Spelling
    • Protecting The Presentation
    • Comparing Presentations

Before the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Questionnaire to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

Total Investment: AED 2,600/- + VAT, which includes – Training Materials, Lunch and Refreshments. Discount available for multiple bookings.

From: 2nd September 2024

To: 3rd September 2024

Duration: 2 day(s)

Location: Dubai

Microsoft® 365 – PowerPoint

2 day(s)

AED 2,600.00