Advanced Business Writing Skills – Online Training Program

Take The Lead... And Learn Top-Class Business English Communication

Advanced Business Writing Skills – Online Training Program

2 day(s)

AED 2,900.00


Prior to attending any of the Business Writing Courses, a written Assessment will be conducted to ensure delegates attend the course that best matches their written English ability.

Who Should Attend?

Those who have successfully mastered the basics of standard English, and now need to be able to express their ideas more clearly and effectively, at an advanced level. Whether you are summarising reports to present key information to senior management, or writing to your key customers, this is the course for you!  Participants should already have a good understanding of Business English, but may have trouble knowing how to begin, or follow through, on various types of business correspondence. This course begins with a brief review of techniques from Spearhead’s Professional Business Writing Skills course, and builds, and expands, on these techniques, while also learning new ones.

About The Program

This advanced program has been designed to perfect your Business Writing Skills. You will gain practice in writing a variety of business correspondence, both formal and informal, as well as enhancing your accuracy and written fluency.

Course Objectives

  • To review the basic principles of Business Writing
  • To understand what your key message is, and deliver it in a courteous, clear, correct, and concise way
  • To practise using positive language, especially when giving disappointing / bad news to the receiver
  • To understand how to adjust your language for different types of readers
  • To develop scanning and summarising skills
  • To learn how to convey the core messages from a longer text / report, to the recipient
  • To gain proofreading skills to give your writing the professional touch

What You Will Gain

  • Confidence in writing at an advanced level
  • The ability to use the right type of language to suit your audience
  • The skills necessary to produce top-quality written communication
  • Accuracy, fluency, and advanced proofreading skills

Program Content


  • Getting Started: The Four Stages Of Writing, Mind Maps, Bullet Points, Etc.
  • Case Study: The Impact Of Poor Communication On Business
  • The 7 ‘C’s Of Written Communication
  • The Inverted Pyramid Style Of Writing
    • Delivering The Key Message
    • Stating A Clear Purpose Using The 4 ‘I’s
  • Using Positive Word Power In Negative Situations
  • Using The Right Words To Suit Your Audience
  • Scanning And Summarising


  • Putting It Into Practice – Some Example Modules:
  • Writing A Complaint Email
  • Responding To Customer Complaint Letters / Emails
  • Accepting And Declining Invitations Courteously
  • Financial Collection Letters
  • Covering Letters For Job Applications
  • Dealing With Non-Response To Previous Communications
  • Sending Confirmations And Polite Reminders
  • Proofreading Skills
  • End Of Course Assessment And Feedback Session

Please note that, while this is a Public Course, wherever possible the Course Tutor will try to adapt the materials according to the Business Writing needs of the individual participants.

Please contact us for specific details on the courses we are running. Our Business Development Staff will be happy to provide you with further details.

Before the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Briefing Form to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

Total Investment ONLINE: AED 2,900/- + VAT

From: 20th November 2023

To: 21st November 2023

Duration: 2 day(s)

Location: Online

Advanced Business Writing Skills – Online Training Program

2 day(s)

AED 2,900.00