Coaching Programs

– (For C-Suite & Senior Level Executives)

One-to-One Sessions

Through our Executive Coaching Programs, Spearhead is privileged to work with some of the top business leaders and decision-makers in the GCC. Some clients want confirmation they are delivering the key results their position demands; some seek new sources of inspiration for their teams; others are struggling with specific challenges they need help to work through.

External coaching is key to modern day talent development in an organization. Global leaders are actively choosing to be coached one-to-one, in a safe, confidential, and risk-free environment. Once convinced of the immense benefits this coaching brings to them as individuals, they are increasingly wanting to coach their own people, or if they cannot do so themselves, then to partner with those who can.

Our short, powerful, and private Executive Coaching sessions provide busy leaders with time to think and plan more clearly. They offer space to explore important issues, and generate breakthroughs in thinking. The sessions can sometimes achieve ‘Eureka moments’, leading to new strategies, increased performance, and greater organizational efficiency.

These private sessions, which usually range from 60 to 90 minutes in length, are 100% confidential, highly relevant, often challenging, always helpful, and extremely beneficial in the long-term for participants.


Maximum: Eight Participants

One of the key skills today’s managers need is to be able to coach those who report to them. Many recruiters now say, ‘Coaching’ should be a competency for potential employers to include in their ‘tool-kit’ for managerial / supervisory positions, along with leadership, teambuilding skills, communication skills, problem solving, planning, delegation, creative thinking, etc.

A simple definition of ‘Coaching’ is: the continuous development of an individual’s performance by using day-to-day work to provide planned opportunities for learning, under effective guidance’

Through coaching from their manager, or an internal coach (‘the coach’), a staff member (‘the coachee’) should be able to enhance their learning and development, improve their workplace performance, learn new ideas, and develop their overall quality of life.

The program makes very clear the differences between ‘Training’, ‘Mentoring’, ‘Counselling’, and …‘Coaching’.

It is strictly limited to eight participants, and teaches them how to use the GROW(TH) Model for coaching effectively. This model was developed by Spearhead in 2019, based on the well-known international GROW Model.

The six-step GROW(TH) Model teaches a simple questioning structure for the ‘coach’ to follow, that enables them to work with the ‘coachee’ to explore issues, and help the coachee identify possible solutions.

During the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to practise, using the model in realistic role-plays, and will learn how to apply the model in different work-based scenarios.