Creating Successful Teams!

Does your team just ‘work’ with one another?
Or do they TRUST each other?

Spearhead Teambuilding Workshops

Better communication, better leadership and motivation, better problem solving, better individual and team performance, and so much more…

Spearhead Teambuilding Workshops are individually tailored to your specific targeted business objectives.  It is an ‘ultimate’ program, which enables your team to develop much higher levels of collaboration, better understanding of the strengths of each team member, and the ability to significantly improve the quality of work back in the workplace.

Program Highlights:

✓ Run successfully over the past 20 years
✓ Up to 80 participants on one program (using support Trainers)
✓ Run for large and medium-sized organizations

“Just a short note to pass on our sincere thanks to your Trainers for delivering such a professional and outstanding teambuilding training. With the recent staff changes we have had, Spearhead’s professionalism and dedication has brought us one step closer to building a highly motivated and productive work unit. We look forward to working with Spearhead Training in the coming weeks / months, and building on our friendly, working relationship.

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