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Our Training Team: Spearhead Gulf LLC

"A mediocre trainer tells; a good trainer explains; a superior trainer demonstrates, ... a great trainer inspires!"

The Spearhead Training Team are all dedicated to bringing you world class training. Any Trainer wishing to join Spearhead must go through a rigorous selection procedure, including making a practical presentation to key senior Spearhead staff to assess their training ability. Our Trainers have all been selected because of their track record and ability to deliver 'on target' training in the training room. All Trainers work exclusively for Spearhead. We do not employ freelance trainers.

It is Spearhead’s philosophy that every Trainer will take particular care to ensure every delegate gets individual attention - and gains the maximum benefit from attending a Spearhead Training course. On our Public Courses we employ a methodology that ensures Trainers are directly involved in the pre-course work for their courses. This helps them understand the specific requirements of each delegate attending their courses.

If you are seeking information about current opportunities within our training team click here.

The Trainers

Dania Bahar

Michel Bekhazi

Alison Bowser

Douglas Bowsher

Catherine Brooks

Graham Chambers

Simran Dhillon

Noha El-Banna

Joseph Elias

Theresa Ann Findlay

Nisrine El Hajji

Matthew Harger

Michael Lorrigan

Emma O'Connor

Nicola Percival

Richard Pheasant

Monique Pretorius

Liz Russell

Habib Sabeh

Perla Swanepoel

Deborah Taleb

Gary York
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