Improving Your Sales Skills - The Key Elements Of Successful Selling
حسن مهاراتك في البيع - العناصر الرئيسية للنجاح في المبيعات

'Improve And Update Your Business-To-Business Selling Skills... And 'Close' More Deals'

'حسن وحدث مهاراتك في البيع وتطوير الأعمال'

Who Should Attend? 
This highly popular and successful sales course (“The Best In The Middle East”), is designed for the business-to-business salesperson with some experience in sales but no formal training, or someone in need of a refresher course.  It will also benefit anyone wishing to move into sales, someone who has been newly appointed to a sales position, or anyone thinking of ‘business-to-business’ sales as a career.

About The Programme
Delegates will learn the techniques and skills needed by the professional ‘business-to-business’ (B2B) salesperson, in these highly competitive times.  It is a very participative course which reinforces learning points, through syndicate and practical exercises that are very relevant to the individual delegate’s business.  It is also a very helpful course for those people who have just been appointed to a sales position, and who need to fully understand the key concepts and structure of a sale.  All the processes of B2B selling are covered in an easy to understand step-by-step format.

Course Objectives
  • To provide each delegate with a carefully structured plan for effectively selling their products and services in fiercely competitive market conditions
  • To look at the key stages of a sale, and clearly identify areas where each delegate needs improvement
  • To provide delegates with many practical tools that will lead to improved personal performance in their day-to-day work in sales
  • To help delegates gain a new momentum for their sales development
  • To improve the ability of each delegate to look at various problems in sales with a completely fresh perspective
  • To provide each delegate with a range of helpful and practical suggestions to enable them to improve their overall sales performance

What You Will Gain
  • A clear understanding of all the stages of the ‘business-to-business’ sales process
  • A more confident and competent approach to the whole sales process
  • Knowledge of how call cycles and ratios are key to sales success
  • A clearer understanding of pricing and margins
  • A 100% ‘customer centric’ approach of how to sell 
  • A dramatic new momentum for your sales process
  • The ability to put various problems of selling into fresh perspective
  • Many helpful and practical suggestions to assist you in your day-to-day work
  • An interchange of ideas

Programme Content


  • An Introduction To Sales
  • The Link Between Customer Service And Customer Loyalty
  • Why Companies Lose Customers
  • 'The Magic Secret Of Sales'
  • The Role Of The Professional Salesperson
  • Persuading People To Buy
  • Your Responsibilities To Your Company And Your Customer
  • How Good Are You At Understanding Sales Terminology? – A Questionnaire To Test Your Knowledge
  • Sales Vs Marketing Vs Negotiation – What Is The Difference?
  • 'The Marketing Mix'
  • The Ten 'P's Of Marketing
  • Sales Success - The Management Of 'The Marketing Mix'
  • The Seven Key Steps Of A 'Business-To-Business' Sale
  • The Salesperson's Five Deadly Errors
  • The Four Key Areas Of Knowledge Needed To Sell Effectively
  • The Qualities Required In A Professional Salesperson
  • How To Sell Professionally
  • Understanding The Psychology Of Selling
  • Why Do People Buy… Anything?
  • What We Sell And What Our Customers Buy
  • The Benefit Concept
  • Identifying Customer Needs
  • The Key Questioning Techniques For Effective Selling


  • Customer Segmentation
  • Tangible And Intangible Reasons Why People Buy
  • Effective Communication In Selling
  • Learning How To Influence People
  • Understanding The Key Aspects Of Communication
  • The Five ‘C’s Of Good Communication
  • The Five Qualities Of An Effective Communicator
  • Etiquette For Client Meetings
  • The Importance Of Body Language In Selling
  • Asking The Right Questions
  • Good And Poor Listeners


  • Effective Time Management
  • Time Management Quiz
  • The Definition Of A Good Time Manager
  • Identifying Personal And Environmental Time-Wasters
  • Ten Rules To Help You Manage Your Time Effectively 
  • SMART(ER) Objectives
  • Planning And Organizing For Sales Success
  • Time And Territory Management
  • Understanding The Importance Of Key Ratios In Selling
  • Sales Plans And Forecasting
  • Planning To Achieve Targets - A Case Study
  • Finding Customers / Prospecting
  • How To 'Qualify' Your Prospects
  • How To Make The Right Appointments
  • The Telephone Appointment Plan
  • Making A Professional Approach – Each And Every Time!
  • Writing For Appointments
  • Using A Presenter Effectively
  • The Use Of Visual Aids In Your Presentation


  • Preparing And Writing Proposals – What To Include In A Professional Proposal
  • Objections – Obstacles Or Opportunities?
  • How To Handle Objections
  • How To Overcome Price Objections
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Closing The Sale – Different Closing Techniques
  • Some Basics About Negotiation
  • The Five Key Outcomes Of A Negotiation
  • After Sales Service – Building Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • ‘Staying Close To Your Customers’

Before the course
each delegate will be asked to complete a Pre-Course Briefing Form to determine their individual objectives for attending the course. These objectives will be used by the Tutor to give on-target training that is focused on the individual delegates.

At the end of the course each delegate will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan that can be used as part of future appraisals, and that will also be an important tool for management reference.

End of course ILM Assessment: each delegate will be required to do a written one-hour Assessment at the end of the course. Delegates must get a 50% pass mark to receive an ILM Certificate.

Total Investment: AED 9,200/- + VAT (applicable as of 1st January 2018), which includes - ILM Registration, Training Materials, Lunch and Refreshments. Discount available for multiple bookings.

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