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Richard Pheasant

MTh, BA (Hons), Diploma in TESOL, Diploma in Computer, MInstLM
Senior Management Associate, Spearhead Training

Richard is a UK national with over 30 years’ experience in management, education and training, the majority of which has been gained in the Middle East. This valuable regional knowledge, combined with practical management experience, and local case studies, has given Richard a very solid training base to be able to support companies in improving their business performance throughout the region, and beyond. 

Richard’s professional career started in the UK in 1988, where he taught English Language, at a naval school, in Portsmouth. He was then recruited to the UAE to work for two years on an English Language project, providing instruction to air force pilot cadets from across the Gulf region. In 1990, he returned to Portsmouth, and worked on a programme providing English Language courses for servicemen from several Gulf countries. In 1995, he came back to the UAE to teach in a military vocational training college in Abu Dhabi. In 1997, he was promoted to a senior management position, with responsibilities that included supervising the delivery of language teaching for new students, developing and improving courses, and observing and coaching course instructors. During this time, he also delivered several Teacher Training Certificate courses for a professional training institute in Abu Dhabi.

In 2001, Richard joined ADNOC’s engineering university (The Petroleum Institute) delivering a programme for new university entrants. After two years, he was promoted to a key senior management role, responsible for coordinating the computing department, and overall delivery of computing courses to students. During his tenure at the university, he also delivered a number of professional development courses in Microsoft applications for both faculty and staff. In 2005, he was awarded ‘Faculty Of The Year Award’ for his teaching achievements on his programmes.

In 2005, Richard was asked to co-deliver a new Leadership course to students at the university. It proved extremely popular, and from 2007 onwards, he was solely responsible for the management and teaching of all leadership courses for undergraduate students. The courses covered key subjects such as: the skills necessary for good leadership, situational leadership, transformational leadership, problem solving and decision-making, delegation, team building, motivation, and effective communication.

In 2011, Richard made a career choice to move into full-time adult training, joining Spearhead as a Senior Management Associate in Dubai. He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, combined with a very approachable, empathetic manner. This combination of skills has helped him to successfully deliver courses across a wide range of subjects to different audiences for over six years with Spearhead Training. He also brings a number of real-life regional case studies into his programmes. With his in-depth experience of management and leadership training, Richard can offer great knowledge and practical assistance inside the training room.

Richard’s key areas of expertise include:

City & Guilds – ILM Courses
(ILM) سيتي أند جيلدز - دورات

Management & Leadership Training Courses
القيادة والإدارة

HR / Human Capital Management & Training
إدارة الموارد البشرية والتدريب

Sales & Marketing Training Courses
المبيعات والتسويق

Personal Development Training Courses
تطوير الذات

Business Writing Training Courses
الكتابة للأعمال

Microsoft Office Training Courses
مايكروسوفت أوفيس

Additional Courses (In-Company Only)
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